VERAISON represents the transition of grapes from growth to ripening in the vineyard.


«Once the vines reach Veraison – the point in the season when grapes turn from green to purple or from green to yellow – we want to start gearing up for harvest by removing all but the best fruit.»

Doug Shafer, owner of Shafer Vineyards, «a Vineyard in Napa», Book 2012


Active Engagement

  • Consequent application of the “best-owner” principle.
  •  Is only appropriate for investors who do not require daily trading liquidity.
  • A unique combination of high transparency, deep analysis, and long-term investing.

Thinking and acting like an owner/entrepreneur

  • Role of an «institutional anchor shareholder».
  • VERAISON accompanies the investment actively in the form of intensive cooperation.
  • VERAISON takes responsibility for the development of the company.
  • VERAISON has a stable and long-term capital base to ensure long-term investment horizon.

Transparency and communication

  • VERAISON SICAV – Engagement Fund – investment category: «Other funds for traditional investments».
  • VERAISON SICAV – Annual General Meeting enables fund investors to vote on important items.
  • VERAISON Capital AG – regulated by the FINMA as an asset manager.

Analytically as a private equity company

  • VERAISON partners enjoy a skill-set gathered from more than 160 years of combined professional experience.
  • VERAISON buys shares of companies at a discount to intrinsic, private market value.
  • VERAISON however, does not aim to have full control over target companies.