Launch of share class XXL+ 10/18

Launch of share class XXL+ 10/18

VERAISON SICAV has decided to launch the following share class on October 1, 2018:

  • Share class XXL+ 10/18
  • Lock-up: 5 years (rolling)
  • Minimum investment: CHF 100,000
  • Management fee:
    • 1% p.a. year 1 to 5
    • 9% p.a. year 6 to 10 in case of a renewal of the lock-up
    • 8% p.a. starting from year 11 in case of further renewals of the lock-up
  • Performance fee: 12%
  • End of subscription period: September 28, 2018 (14:00 CET)
  • Termsheet
  • Subscription Information


Shares of the class «XXL+ 10/18» are open for qualified investors pursuant to Art. 10 para. 3, 3bis and 3ter CISA. The minimum subscription amount is CHF 100,000. Redemptions or conversion into the share class P can be made only at the end of the 5-year lock-up. The term of notice for the redemption is 90 calendar days. If no redemption or conversion occurs at the end of the 5-year lock-up, the 5-year lock-up is renewed.

Shares of the share class XXL+ can be converted into shares of the share class «P» at the end of the 5 year lock-up period. The notice period for the conversion is 90 calendar days. Redemption of the share class «P» can then be made on a quarterly basis. The term of notice for redemptions is 180 calendar days. The management fee is 1.6% p.a. The performance fee is 12%.

Investors are expressly advised of the risks described in the Fund’s prospectus. The prospectus and investment regulations may be obtained free of charge from VERAISON SICAV, Löwenstrasse 58, 8001 Zurich and are available on the website